Julien Rochedy calls CNN to order

Mike Dupont
The Lafayette Observer
06 juillet 2024


What a spectacular return to the English-speaking stage for Julien Rochedy, one of the most powerful voices on the right in contemporary France. In a short but powerful message, the French philosopher, essayist and entrepreneur challenges the American bias of the cross-Atlantic media.

Arguing that, by American standards, the RN is a politically left-wing movement, the highly influential author sets the record straight! We’d expect nothing less from our musketeer, jealous of his honor, like all self-respecting Frenchmen!

« She is right (Le Pen). France is such a country of leftists that what they call ‘far-right’ here would only be a left-wing party in most countries of the world », says the proud Frenchman with good reason!

For several weeks, Julien had made himself scarce in the English-speaking sphere, where he has many fans. Patience paid off, and it was with a remark as simple as it was necessary that the most American of Frenchmen made his return to the English-language scene.

Ladies, you now know that Julien hasn’t forgotten America!

With so much going on in France right now, the quintessential French gentleman is focusing on his compatriots, but don’t worry, the author still has his eye on America. Can we speak of a second homeland? That would be premature!

The French avidly follow the observations of France’s leading right-wing thinker. They know that, for him, economy rivals efficiency.

We can be sure that Julien will bring us his next analyses, and they will be well worth the wait!

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